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con·tend·era person or group competing with others to achieve something.

Tournament Based Curriculum

Many years of studying and teaching chess has shown that the effort that we put into learning the strategy and tactics of chess requires a motivation to get us past the difficulty of the game and the daunting amount of information to learn about it. The motivation for us is to improve ourselves, but how can we see our progress unless we measure ourselves. Tournament play does just that, we encourage students to look at their results with a mind to improve. We pair tournament play with classes to analyze the games the kids play to show them things they may have missed and how they can improve and see more next time. We can identify individual areas for improvement for each student, which gives us the ability to assist growth in the best possible ways. This approach to confronting challenges and setbacks helps instill a realistic appraisal of situations and a methodical way to overcome them. The students gain great self confidence by working through all of this and achieving the goal of self improvement, positive growth, and better results.

September 2020
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Your Daily Event Calendar

Students stay busy with goals that unfold as they improve.  There are a variety of events every week, including tournaments, game analysis, famous game lessons, tactical training, strategy lessons, opening training and endgame training.  The improvement comes very quickly and is enjoyable for the student to realize the skills they have developed.  Study is personalized and supportive of their goals.  

Free Play on the students own time is encouraged and self study resources that are level specific are assigned to each student.

Personalized classes with a skilled chess teacher