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COVID-19 Update

Due to to schools and events all being closed for the present, we have moved our classrooms and tournaments online.  We appreciate your patience and feedback through this process.  We are going through an online enrollment period for students now.  The enrollment will be free.  All students interested in studying and playing chess in a competitive and fun learning environment are welcome.  Please visit our enrollment page and enroll and follow us on social media for updates.  Thank you everyone and stay safe.

Study Chess Online With Your Teacher

Play in fun and engaging tournaments online paired with personalized analysis and teaching geared to help you see the most improvement in your game quickly.  The perfect way to keep students who are at home because of school closures fully engaged and working toward personal growth and positive improvement, while having great, rewarding fun. Register students for free and then choose your enrollment options to suit.


Tournament Game Analysis

These Classes are individually geared to the students in a particular tournament.  After the games the students will go through an analysis with skilled chess coaches to look at ways to improve. Analyzing their own games with them is one the most effective ways we have found to assist growth.


Strategic and Tactical Instruction

Some lessons are focused on famous games or tactical puzzles to introduce new ideas to students.  Chess is a very deep game and it helps to see the situations that great players have encountered and how they dealt with them.  Puzzles show ideas to the students so they can see new possibilities and recognize them in their tournament games.

For the love of chess

About Your Chess Teacher

Chess Contender’s Instructors are all very experienced chess teachers that have worked in San Diego Schools and The Kids Chess Club for many years.  The method of instruction has been refined to make the experience fun and engaging as well as help the student grow to be a better chess player, in addition to accepting many difficult challenges with full engagement and effort.

Our approach has shifted to online instruction in response to the pandemic but the dedication to our students has not changed.  The online curriculum is based around tournaments between our students that we organize.  The games from the students will then be analyzed in a group format that is interactive to learn from everyone’s good and bad moves. There are also many lessons on strategic and tactical aspects of the game that help students think about new possibilities.   We can also coordinate individual lesson plans for students upon request.

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